The Pafos Municipality is implementing a ‘smart city’ project, involving the installation of 7,000 “Smart Lights” LED street lighting lamps and 55 “Smart Poles” within city limits. 

By installing ‘smart lights’, the Pafos Municipality will save half a million euros per year through the low LED lamps consumption and also the fact that lamps will be controlled by special software adjusting light fluctuation depending on time and road traffic, in accordance with current street lighting legislation.

The 55 smart stake lamps will be equally distributed across the city of Pafos in areas that are not problematic for passing drivers. The smart stakes create a beautiful aesthetic and are made of weather resistant material, such as rain, winds or heat.

Environmental sensors as a Wi-Fi application will be placed on these stakes, providing access points for citizens, digital screens on which announcements will be made on environmental data, such as the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, humidity and temperatures, as well as other useful information, including available parking spaces, Municipality events and so on.


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