“Smart Parking ” is a modern solution addressing the issue of optimal parking management in the city. Utilizing Internet technologies of Things ( IoT ) and Mobile Communications ( Mobile ), Municipality citizens and visitors can be informed of free parking spaces easily and accurately.

The Pafos Municipality is moving into a new era by implementing modern – smart solutions in its operations and communication with citizens.

One such solution is the “Supply, installation and maintenance of a Smart Parking Management System for the Pafos Municipality’ project, at a cost of €770,000 excluding VAT.

3,100 sensors will be installed, creating an equal number of smart parking spaces which citizens will be able to access by mobile phone. Payment is possible by credit card and/or via SMS through a mobile application.

Traffic wardens will be monitoring the project with targeted checks at parking places to establish violations, such as parking without payment.

It is a traffic decongestion and parking solution that holds multiple benefits for citizens, visitors, businesses and the Municipality itself, responsible for problem-free vehicle movement in the city.

Benefits include:

-Optimisation of the parking process by receiving information on occupancy, availability and navigation via smartphones.

-Reducing traffic congestion

-Mobile payment and fairer charging as drivers will pay for their parking time.

-Environmental protection by reducing pollutants created by the unnecessary movement of vehicles in the lengthy search for a parking space.

-Organisation and supervision of parking spaces reserved for the disabled, taxis, loading and unloading vehicles, as well as other special use parking.

-Ability to download parking data in real time, processing of this data, as well as Pafos Municipality targeted improvement measures.

-Raising Traffic Law efficiency

-Reduction of Municipality administrative costs


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