The Pafos Municipality has created and now boasts its own private and autonomous LoRaWAN network , containing all the sensor devices of the digital and smart city projects that are in progress or will be implemented in the future, giving real time, valuable and direct information to the citizen, making their daily life in the city easier and improving the quality of services provided.

The Pafos Municipality is moving into a new era by implementing modern – smart operational solutions and improving its communication with citizens and visitors.

With the installation of the LoRaWAN system and the operation of the smart city projects, citizens receive real- time useful information, such as available parking spaces at their destination, the water consumption in their home, temperatures and humidity, the amount of carbon dioxide and pollutants in the air and even something as simple as when their apartment’s building garbage bin is full, as part of a smart waste management approach.

Through LoRaWAN, Municipality employees will be able to transmit a signal to over 50,000 sensor devices throughout the city, of which 3,200 have been placed in parking lots, 27,000 will be connected to smart water meters, 150 will send measurements for environment and atmosphere, while a significant number will serve other smart city projects.


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