The Geographic Information System ( GIS ) will allow the Pafos Municipality to geographically position the huge amount of data it collects on a daily basis.

The management of these data through maps, as well as their spatial analysis allows their immediate understanding and easy use, thus equipping the Local Authority with a tool for rapid decision-making, based on data, that will improve the quality of life of citizens.

Collection of data, analysis of characteristics and parcels of land use through a Geographic Information System (GIS) will benefit the Pafos municipality logistics and organisation of the day to day work as well as lead to more effective decision-making.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) project involves:

Supply and installation of the GIS software/platform for parcels of land management within municipal boundaries.
Supply and installation of a database system to be used by the GIS. The real estate base will be provided by the Pafos Municipality.

Creation of the database GIS schema for the Pafos Municipality.

Preparation, transformation and loading of the Land Surveying files in the database.

Supply and installation of GIS desktop licenses, as well as licenses for users in the field and connection of all software to the database.
Web creation services for Online and field users 
Creation of APIs for real-time interface with the Municipality’s ERP and the Land Surveying system.
Preparation of standard maps and reports, as well as training of users in the preparation of maps and reports.

Recommendations for additional services related to parcels of land for other departments and services

Expected results include:

Cost saving resulting from greater efficiency. These are linked to better execution of the Municipality’s mission, i.e. labour savings from automation or improvement of work flows.

More effective decision-making on city-related issues such as property types, permits issued, zoning, development and land use planning, street and green space maintenance, property inspections, fees and so on.

Improved communication

GIS -based maps and visualisations greatly facilitate understanding situations by improving communication between different groups and departments in the Organization, as well as specific professional areas and the public.

Improved record keeping of land ownership and administrative boundaries.

Control and management of Municipality works and projects, with geographical distribution.

Geographical mapping of devices that will be used in the near future for the intelligent management of water, parking spaces, intelligent lighting and so on.

Exchange of information with the Department of Land Surveying, with access to Online services for Citizens, so that they browse information about their properties, licenses and so on.


Geographical footprint of public utility networks such as the Pafos Water Supply, the EAC, Cyta and the Pafos Sewerage Board.On-site recording and entry into the GIS of the data described in the “REGISTRATION FIELDS” table and stated to be the responsibility of the Contractor, with entry into the GIS system


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