The project aims to revitalise and upgrade the area aesthetically and functionally, creating an attractive destination for both locals and foreigners alike. The proposals upgrade the road that goes through the west of the market , with a new surface and sidewalks. A wide pedestrian path is created on the western “eyebrow” of the topography,  with comfortable benches, a viewing platform and green areas,  enjoying a sea view.

The current fruit and vegetable market, as well as the public toilets area will be demolished.

A new covered market will take its place, made up of modern metal canopies, keeping out the sun and rain, surrounded  that will stop the sun and rain and surrounded on the street side by a structure with wooden louvres. It will offer new counters for perishables, designed for boxes of products. Easy to use and clean.

The remaining space near the building will be shaped as a plaza, and will include benches, trees and other beautifying elements.

The 1st floor offices will be converted into a restaurant, with indoor and outdoor dining areas that will enjoy views to the west, and will be accessible from the existing staircase, and an additional new staircase and elevator.

 The small square outside the “Hovoli” cafe ise remodelled with a floor matching the new market square, green “living” walls, and a new canopy.

The project is co-financed by the EU Regional Development Fund.

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