The Redevelopment of the Traditional Shopping Centre and Kennedy Square in Pafos, Sections A’, B’, C’ and D’, includes demolitions, earthworks, services for public utility organizations, such as Telecommunications, EAC, Water Supply, Sewerage, anti-flood works, lighting, paving, landscaping/planting, irrigation,  adaptation of existing structures and services, asphalt paving and so on.

The project is located in the City Centre, where it is fully operational and designed in Sections (A’, B’, C’ and D’) for better coordination and logistical management. They will be built in parallel, in such a way as to ensure practical access of private cars, emergency vehicles and catering trucks, as well as pedestrian passage, based on a relevant plan proposed by the Project Designer, as well as the Pafos Traffic Police Department.

The project may be co-financed by the EU’S Regional Development Fund.

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