Civil weddings in Cyprus have been valid since 1923.

The process is straightforward, with thousands of couples globally choosing Cyprus to tie the civil knot, combining this event with their honeymoon.

The Pafos Municipality is one of the most beloved destinations and more than 1,500 weddings take place annually, always in accordance to the provisions of the latest Marriage Law 104(I) of 2003.
Those interested must visit the Pafos Municipality Office of Civil Weddings (Municipal Hall) in person and be informed about all the relevant forms they need to submit, as well as formal procedures required by Law.

For more information/clarifications on the marriage process and arranging a wedding date, you can fill out the form below or contact us:

Office of Civil Marriages

Landlines: 26822350 και 26822353

Fax: 26822364


Those interested can book a wedding date by phone, fax or e-mail. Physical presence is not necessary.

The marriage application must be submitted by the interested parties in person at least one day for European or third country nationals, and 15 days for Cypriot citizens, before the wedding along with all the necessary documents and certificates.

Applications are received at the Civil Marriages Office from Monday – Friday 8.30 – 10.30am.

As long as the interested parties present all necessary documents, the marriage can proceed either through the marriage notification process, at least 15 days from the date of their application but not more than 3 months, or with the expedited process, that is a day after submitting the application or within two weeks, provided that the official looking into the application deems there are valid reasons to speed up the process.

The wedding takes place on the appointed date in the presence of two witnesses over the age of 18. The presentation of their identity cards or passports is necessary on the day the application is submitted.

The Marriage certificate is issued immediately.

True copies of the certificate are provided upon request of the interested parties.

A certified copy of the Marriage certificate is sent to the Embassy or Consulate maintained in Cyprus by the couple’s country of residence.

The execution payment is by cash or card on the day of submitting the application, and is as follows:

Expedited – €281.92

Regular process – €128.15

Certified copy €15.00

Pafos Wedding Venues 

Town Hall ( indoor venue with setup )

Located in the heart of the city, it is the most popular choice of a civil wedding celebration. Built in 1955, in neoclassical style and surrounded by a range of historical buildings, the Pafos Town Hall is undeniably the most elegant choice.

Extra fee: € 100.08 ( non-working hours).

Total charge: €281.92 ( working hours) and €382 (non-working hours).


Municipal Park
A wedding can be performed in a truly idyllic environment, among trees and bushes, located only minutes away from the Town Hall. A romantic hidden spot of the town with; an alternative option for those couples who seek the privacy of a little eden.

Extra fee: €100,08. 

Total charge: €382.

Cliff Social
A wedding can be performed in a scenic natural landscape with beautiful sea views. The renovated ancient church can be used for church weddings and blessings. This venue is an alternative option for those couples who seek the privacy of a little eden with the small amphitheatre that can be used for the ceremony and the reception alike.

Extra fee: €100,08. 

Total charge: €382.

The wedding can be performed in one of the city’s top-ranked luxurious hotels.

Located along the coastline and overlooking the Mediterranean, all hotels provide stylish wedding venues, either in their spacious gardens or along the beachfront.

Extra fee: € 350.08 . Total charge: €632.


For a truly special experience, you could charter a private yacht to perform your wedding.

The wedding is performed on board a luxurious yacht at the Pafos harbour followed by a romantic cruise along the coastline.


Extra fee: € 350.08 . Extra fee: € 350.08 . Total charge: €632.

 Lemba (Sandy) Beach

The stunning Pafos beachfront offers quite a few beaches which we can arrange accordingly for your wedding needs. Pick one of our beaches and celebrate a truly dream wedding overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. An experience to cherish.

Extra fee: € 200.08 . Total charge: €482.

 Lemba Vrisi

At the Lemba village centre and overlooking the Mediterranean, the vrisi -faucet of Lemba is surrounded by green vegetation and a sky blue, almost all year round.

Extra fee: € 200.08 . Total charge: €482.

( The Lemba Council requires an additional 200 euro for the venue)

Ethnographic Museum


For a stylish wedding with a touch of local history, the Ethnographic Museum of Pafos is an ideal choice. In an elegantly decorated outdoor area you can enjoy a private wedding ceremony in a traditional environment.

Extra fee: € 100.08 . Total charge: €382

 Other venues such as landmarks, wineries, private villas and so on, are available upon request.

We do not provide any setup for the above venues, unless mentioned otherwise

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Other Nationalities:


For residents of an EU member country, visiting Cyprus with the purpose of performing a civil marriage, click here

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For non-Cypriot permanent residents in the Republic of Cyprus originating from an EU member state:


According to an Interior Ministry directive, holders of an EU country passport should present to the Office of Civil Marriages, in addition to required certificates from their own country , an Affidavit to be signed by the applicant in the presence of the District Court Registrar

For third country nationals that are permanent residents in the Republic of Cyprus originating from a country outside the EU, click here



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