• Coordinates the work of Board Committees
  • Prepares Municipality Budgets
  • Adherence to Article 47 of Municipalities Law
  • Planning and Monitoring of Municipality’s economic and development policy, including current and future programmes, projects and so on.
  • Expenses control, internal audit issues
  • Taxation and invoicing (i.e., water supply)
  • Court cases
  • Public information
  • Municipality communication policy and work promotion programmes
  • Public Relations
  • Citizen’s information and Service Centre (complaints-suggestions)
  • Municipal service operation, organisation and structural planning
  • Utilising and managing municipal real estate, purchasing and renting
  • Commercial and industrial issues, crafts
  • Municipal Wholesale Market running, organisation and management Consumer protection not related to health
  • Shopping centre revitalisation
  • Industrial zone issues
  • Commercial stores working hours
  • 1. Phedonas Phedonos, Mayor: President

    2. Christos Makariou, Deputy Mayor: Vice President

    3. Charis Charalambous: Member

    4. Nikos Simillidis: Member

    5. Giorgos Demetriades: Member

    6. Yiannis Koulounidis: Member

    7. Vassos Dimitriou: Member

    8. Kostas Diplaros: Member

    9. Michalis Michail: Member

    10. Michalis Hatzimitsis: Member

    11. Andreas Chrysanthou: Member

    Secretary: Anastasia Routi – Eleftheriadou, Municipal Service Officer (D) Executive Committee

Examining applications for the issuance of building permits and land, as well as building separation permits * Issuing permits

1. Giorgos Kounnas: President

2. Yiannis Koulounis: Vice President

3. Linos Tsokkas: Member

Πρόσληψη εργατών για εποχιακή ή έκτακτη απασχόληση * Παράταση ή τερματισμός της απασχόλησης εποχιακών και εκτάκτων εργατών * Εισήγηση για την ένταξη εργατών στο τακτικό ωρομίσθιο προσωπικό

1. Φαίδωνας Φαίδωνος, Δήμαρχος : Πρόεδρος

2. Λίνος Τσοκκάς: Μέλος

3. Μαρίνος Στυλιανού: Μέλος

Γραμματέας: Γιώργος Κωνσταντίνου, Λειτουργός Δημοτικής Υπηρεσίας (Θ.Α.Δ.Δ.)

Civil servants labour issues, including hourly wages and personnel requests

Contacts and negotiations with trade unions on collective agreements and other employee related matters

1.Marinos Stylianou: President

2.Vassos Dimitriou: Vice-President

3.Georgios Tselepos: Member

4.Filippos Filippou: Member

5,.Kostas Diplaros: Member


Planning and implementation of the Municipality’s zoning policy

Examination of applications for the issuance of town planning permits

Area plans

Town planning and other public projects, including development and beautification

Road and sidewalks construction and maintenance

Municipal buildings (construction, improvement, maintenance)

Technical issues related to the Sewerage System

Traffic issues(technical aspect)

Street lighting 

Public School buildings

Archaeological sites and monuments

Tourist infrastructure projects

Landscaping and configuration of playgrounds

Water Supply Committee

Secretary: Andreas Andreou, Accounting Officer

Maintenance, improvement and expansion of the city’s water supply system

Consumer objections to water consumption bills

Development and dissemination of sports (events, infrastructure projects and so on)


Municipal Youth Council for pupils, student and unemployed graduates’ issues

Education problems connected to sport

Relations with sport and youth unions, institutions and bodies

Secretary: Andri Christodoulidou – Tsartsali

Implements policies on the elderly, children, locals with special needs

Development – strengthening of social welfare through projects, programs/plan and so on

Needs and problems of expatriates/European or third country nationals living in Paphos (multiculturalism, diversity

* Wider interest issues in the local community

Relations with social welfare agencies, organised groups and volunteer organisations

1. Marinos Stylianou: President

2. Vasos Dimitriou: Vice President

3.  George Tsielepos: Member

4. Philippos Filippou: Member

5. Kostas Diplaros: Member

External Relations Committee

European Union Issues (Programs, Cyprus/Paphos Municipality – E.U. in general)

Relations with Greece (Pafos-Sister Cities Network of Greece and so on)  Relations with organisations/groups/for a/NGOs

Expatriate Cypriots/Expatriate Hellenism

Municipality missions abroad

Hospitality of visiting delegations

Pafos promotion

Environment Committee

Secretary: Christos Christou, Municipal Health Inspector 

It’s main role is to maintain and further beautify parks and other green areas around the city

Raise awareness for environmental protection and cultivate interest in nature

Planning and monitoring of the work of the Green Service

Deals with issues in the wider trade, industry and crafts sector

Municipal Wholesale Market issues

Consumer protection problems not of a health or sanitary nature)

Shopping centre revitalisation

Industrial zone issues

Commercial store working hours

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